• 1.Once you register you will be recieve excel file(150/200 websites) and word file(copy&paste information) through mail.
  • 2.Excel file weblinks remains same lifelong.Only the add information(copy&paste) keeps changing.
  • 3.No Time Limit - You can take any no of days to complete the report.
  • 4.No Targets-means how many links you do that much you get paid depending upon the package you choose.
  • 5.We will not pay for any Unworking/Error Websites.
  • 6.One Copy&paste information will be given after submitting that you will get 2nd copy&paste information.
  • 7.Second ad information you can login and download through website.
  • Here is one example/sample of how to do copy&paste in 1 website, follow the same procedure for all the websites given in the excel sheet.