What is the exact job? The work simple Copy and paste work. All you need to do is just copy-paste the text ADS (provided by us) into various free classifieds sites and send that confirmation links to us. The more you post, the more payment you receive. You can work part time during day or night from your home at your leisure time.

Is there any working hours? No, you can work any of your convenient time & place.

Is there any Age limit to take part in this Program? Yes, Minimum Age required to take part is 18 Yrs and maximum 50 Yrs. He must be an Indian

What are the basic requirements to get started for this copypastework.com? To get started you should have the basic knowledge of Internet Surfing, and you should have internet connection, PC or else you can also work from cyber cafe.
You should have some basics of MS OFFICES.

How much I can earn from this program? That depends on the packages which you will select for registration.
You can earn 50P - Rs. 2.50 for each copy-paste work. You can also earn referral commission for referring your friends or others.

Is there any Registration fees? Yes. You have to pay one time registration fees for life long.
Registration fees is depends on packages which you will select.
Once you registered , you no need to pay single rupee also.

Is the Membership fees Refundable or Transferable? No. Since your registration fees will be utilized for marketing and maintaining your account registration fee is strictly non - refundable.

Can I pay the registration fee after I join or can the fee be deducted from my earnings? No. We don't have any offer like that.

How I will receive the payment? We will make the payments on weekly based , once in a week on every Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday . We will send the payment through Online Net Transfer (NEFT) to Your Bank Account.

Is there any Limit or Target? No, there is no limit in submitting Ads. You can submit any number of Ads weekly. At the Same time, there is no Target in this job. You can submit as per your ability and there is no compulsion to work daily. You can work on your own Timings.
Whatever you submitted ads links till Saturday will consider for next week payments. If you want to stop the work temporarily for 2, 3 months or so.. you will have to intimate/inform or send an enquiry,if not your membership id gets deactivated automatically.

What about Membership Fee? That depends on the packages you will select., it starts from Rs.350 and the highest package is Rs.5500/-
which is Very Low when comparing to other Job providing Companies. Also, your membership will be Valid for LIFE TIME . And in our program we only will provide your earnings not other 3rd party companies.