How it Works

My Passion Business Solutions is an online advertising/ marketing company, whichact as online business directories that promote any kind of business online.

What is the concept behind it?

My Passion Business Solutions has a tie-up with several free classifieds in India and around the world. Some of clients include click India, OLX, quikr, sulekha etc. We also have associations with real estate companies, from where we get several business proposals and useful products for full time jobs. These companies need several millions of advertisements to be posted in their website. They also pay for ever advertisement posted in the website.

How do My Passion Business Solutions help in this?

We give you a list of free classifieds in a excel form and also the information for copy and paste in word format.

All you have to do is…
  • • Open the websites copy and paste the ad information and paste the link you have created in the excel form.
  • • Every single advertisement in the word format must be copied and pasted in several websites.
  • • It takes only 1 minute for copy pasting one advertisement.
  • • There is no time limit. You can take any number of days or weeks to complete the project.
  • • You won't be sacked out of the job until or unless you leave it.
  • • Please note that we are not marketing anything here or asking you to refer your friends or relative.

Earn at your own will and time ….

Enjoy earning!!